About Dragons Sexy Robots and Adventures

Kyle and Claire love talking about nerdy things, and there’s more to talk about than ever before: movies, TV shows, books, comics and videogames. Where did it all come from? Every new story has an older one behind it. Each week they’ll discuss a current work of nerd culture and dig into its roots and how it was made today.

Kyle: Host


Kyle is a nerd/musician/history buff who wishes he had more time for videogames (stupid adulthood). He also loves bourbon and craft beer. One of his favorite activities is to get tipsy and ramble on about The Silmarillion (or really, anything Tolkien). When not working on podcast related stuff, you can find him racing around Queens, wishing he had web slinging abilities… Or teleportation powers… Or GLAMDRING THE FOE HAMMER!

Claire: Host


Because of the DSRA Podcast Claire has an excuse to focus an extraordinary amount of time and energy on her favorite things: Nerd culture and talking about it. She’s also justifying that history minor she picked up in college. Claire lives in New York City under a train. Some of her other favorite things are toast, bright colors, Sid Meier’s Civilization and long walks on the beach.

James: Producer


James is the producer and a New York based actor and narrator. Outside of the studio, he helps the hosts any way he can. He’s full of inspirational sayings, like: “Let’s not drink until we finish recording” and “I think this could be better”. Claire, Kyle, you’re welcome.