81: Street Fighter’s 30th Anniversary – with Popcorner Reviews!

Street Fighter is arguably the most influential fighting game of all time. Capcom just released it’s 30th Anniversary Collection which gives DSRA the perfect excuse to explore an old favorite. We are also absolutely thrilled to be collaborating with Monica Delmonico at Popcorner Reviews for this episode. You can check out her wonderful DIY pop-up cards that she made for our colab here. She didn’t even need a hadouken to blow us away. In the episode Claire explains what exactly defines a fighting game and examines the pivotal games in the genre that came before Street Fighter. Kyle is out ‘living his best life’ in Maine so James breaks down the eccentric team that created Street Fighter II and how their attention to detail made it so special. Our hosts conclude with their thoughts on fighting games, the Street Fighter series, and their first experiences with it.