82: New York Comic Con 2018 – Nerds Level Up


Claire and Kyle are tired, sweaty, and full of bittersweet elation as they return from 3 days of New York City Comic Con and all of its wonders. It is with a heavy heart (and light wallet) that they recap some of the wonderful panels and discussions that they witnessed while attending America’s largest comic convention in this unconventional DSRA episode. Claire talks about the panel for Netflix’s The Dragon Prince a future DSRA topic, and the buzz surrounding the show and her love of its creator’s former work. Kyle goes into the joy of seeing the creators of The Venture Bros. and the life lessons imparted on him from there. The two hosts also discuss the upcoming Amazon show (and future DSRA topic), Good Omens, the satirical novel written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett that will be the coming to Amazon Prime in 2019. And if that’s not nerdy enough for you, they also attended a panel on Critical Role, a show which consists of voice actors sitting around a table playing Dungeons & Dragons (another future episode topic). The hosts round out their discussion of NYCC by relating their experience at multiple different SciFi/Fantasy book panels helmed by the movers and shakers in the field today. Their fears, anxieties, what they are trying to accomplish as they make their mark on an ever changing genre.

But wait, there’s more! Claire and Kyle end the episode with an announcement on their future plans for the podcast and how it will soon evolve. Oh yes, change is in the air…