80: Princess Mononoke – Humans, Nature, and Social Upheaval

On this episode, the hosts dive into the pivitol animated film from 1997. Claire is out for this one, so the wonderful (and nefarious) James Fouhey handles the History segment. Mr. Fouhey starts with an explanation of the Muromachi Period of Japan, the setting of the fictional film, and why director Hayao Miyazaki thought it was the perfect back drop to tell his complicated tale. Kyle delves into the past life and work of Hayao Miyazaki and the origin of some of the most common asthethics of his movies. Kyle also describes the complicated and grueling process of making this film, and it’s distribution in America. The hosts finish up with a discussion of Miyazaki’s work, how they discovered it, and some of Miyazaki’s thoughts on the nature of film and art.