74: Hyperion – Kyle’s Birthday Spectacular!

We’re back with our second Birthdays Spectacular episode! Age went first, now it’s time for beauty! (Note: according to Kyle…) And there isn’t a more beautiful pick to be had in the year 1989 than the lauded science fiction novel “Hyperion” by Dan Simmons. Highly decorated when it was first released, “Hyperion” has largely since been forgotten outside of the hardcore¬†Sci-Fi community. The story is a sort of Canterbury Tales in space and explores the dark pasts of six pilgrims on a dangerous journey. Kyle delves into the history of the “Frame Narrative” from which Hyperion takes its structure. Claire discusses Dan Simmons, the path he chose for himself as a writer, and why he is not a household name. The hosts wrap up with a discussion of their favorite Frame Narrative stories, and why they think Hyperion has been denied greater recognition over the years.