53: The Nameless City – A Mongol Invasion for Kids!

Faith Erin Hicks has released the second volume in The Nameless City graphic novel series. It’s been recognized by many as one of the best comics of the year, and since it’s a historically influenced YA fantasy, it’s given Kyle and Claire a chance to talk about some of their favorite things. Kyle gets to discuss the Mongolian invasion of China in the 13th century and the establishment of the Yuan Dynasty. He even gets to mention the other Khanates, including “The Golden Horde”,  so you can be sure he’s having a good time. Claire tags in to talk about the writer and artist, Faith Erin Hicks, and how creators like her are broadening the appeal of comics to include young girls. To conclude, our hosts discuss the two volumes, The Nameless City, and The Stone Heart, as well as their favorite comics and how they discovered them.