46: Wonder Woman – with Guest, Abraham Riesman **Spoilers**

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is the latest film in the DC Universe, and a success with both fans and critics. Kyle Willoughby and Claire White are excited to talk about the Amazonian superhero, and welcome New York Magazine culture writer, Abraham Riesman to the show! Kyle starts off with a little background on Wonder Woman’s lead creator, William Moulton Marsten, and how the feminist movement and his alternative family life influenced his work. Abraham describes the context that enabled Wonder Woman’s revival in the 1980s, and the myth making of George Pérez. In our production segment, Claire looks at what it took for Wonder Woman to get a live action movie, and what it meant for a female director like Patty Jenkins to be at the helm. Our hosts and guest conclude with their thoughts on the film itself and how it differentiates itself from the rest of the DC Universe. **Spoilers at 45:00**