35: Looking Back at Uncharted (Or DSRA vs The Flu)

The winter flu has ravaged the DSRA podcast making it impossible to record a new one this week. Instead we thought it would be fun to rerelease one of the first episodes where we discuss the video game series Uncharted.

With the release of its likely final installment, Claire and Kyle take a look at the Uncharted videogame series. It’s hard to see the main character, Drake, without thinking of Indiana Jones. Claire delves into the cartoon strips, B – movies, and adventure films that birthed one of America’s greatest fictional heroes. Along the way she traces the transformation of the archaeologist/treasure hunter over time–he didn’t always get the girl.   Next, Kyle discusses the beginning of Naughty Dog Studios and the transition they made from 3D platform adventures with a bandicoot, to cinematic action/adventure games. They finish with their fond memories of Naughty Dog games, what the studio has achieved with Uncharted, and a few thoughts on how homage to classic films can go too far.