33: Ash vs Evil Dead – Show Notes


First Segment

  • The Necronomicon
      • Ancient book of the occult
      • Written by Abdul Alhazred
        • 8th century poet
        • Originally called “Al Azif”
        • The sound of insects, or demons?
      • Translated to Greek in 950 AD
      • Suppressed under Patriarch Michael of Constantinople
      • Copies were eventually translated into multiple languages including English, Latin, and Spanish
    • H.P. Lovecraft
      • Father of “Cosmic Horror”
      • First mentioned The Necronomicon in 1922 short story, The Hound
      • Makes an appearance in 18 Lovecraft stories
      • Has made multiple pop culture appearances


  • The Simpsons
  • Friday the 13th Franchise
  • Evil Dead Franchise


  • The Simon Necronomicon
    • Published in 1977
      • 666 copies initially released
    • Combination of Lovecraftian and Mesopotamian mysticism and legend

Second Segment


  • With in the Woods
  • Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness


    • The Careers of Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell
    • The Pressure From Fans
    • Evil Dead 4 Started as a Movie
      • Tapert’s relationship with Starz
      • TV show vs movie
    • The Direction of the Show
    • Craig DiGregorio Stepped Down as Producer
      • Replaced by Mark Verheiden
    • Starz CEO Chris Albrecht
      • Started at HBO
    • Media Landscape Now vs the 90s
    • Building up Starz
    • Getting Viewers vs Emmys
    • Focused on Viewers That Hadn’t Been Targeted by Networks


  • Power, Outlander


  • Stats

Third Segment

  • Horror for People Who Don’t Like Horror
  • Slapstick horror, it’s nice to see
  • Fills a weird niche
  • Overall Cast Performances
  • Bruce Campbell, hottest man on earth