27: Westworld – Show Notes


First Segment

  • Aristotle’s Definition of Human
    • Genus
    • Species 
    • Political Creature
  • Plato’s Definition of Human
    • Moral being
    • Reason controlling emotion and appetites
  • Determinism 
    • There is only one possible future
    • Hard Determinism 
      • There is no free will
      • Galen Strawson
    • Soft Determinism 
      • There is room for some free will
      • David Hume

Second Segment

  • HBO and Time Warner
    • Warner Brothers Performance
    • Pressure of Success 
  • HBO v Netflix, Amazon and FX
    • Nielsen ratings
    • New shows: VICE, Bill Simmons, Jon Stewart, Sesame Street
  • Pressure on Westworld
    • HBO needed a hit
  • Originally Set For a 2015 Release
  • Had to Halt Production
    • Dram chief Michael Ellenberg was pushed out
    • Programming president Michael Lombardo left
    • Vinyl (From Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger) was canceled
    • HBO pulled the plug on big name productions
      • Videosyncracy from David Fincher
      • Utopia from David Fincher and Gillian Flynn
      • Code of Conduct from Steve McQueen
      • Lewis and Clark Project from Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks
    • Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan needed time to write scripts
      • No pre existing source to draw from
  • Budget
  • Most Successful Drama Launch Since Game of Thrones
    • Generated buzz like Stranger Things
    • Set to surpass True Detective’s first season viewership
  • Casey Bloys Took Time Greenlighting the Second Season

Third Segment

  • Enjoyed the Show More as it Went on
  • Commenting on Violence and Sex 
  • I Always Side With Robots
  • David Simon on HBO Budgets and Pressure