22: Nightmare Before Christmas – Show Notes


First Segment

  • Samhain (Celtic New Year)
    • The end of the harvest
    • Samhain (god)
    • Bael (god)
    • Catholic holiday in 835 AD
  • Jack ‘O Lanterns
    • Stingy Jack and his deal with the devil
  • The Boogieman
    • Middle-English origins
    • Hombres del Costal
    • Krampus

Second Segment

  • Tim Burton’s Early Career
    • California Institute of the Arts
    • Disney
      • Fox and the Hound and Black Cauldron
      • Felt creatively stifled
      • Allowed to make Vincent and Frankenweenie
    • Paul Reubens and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
    • Beetlejuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands
  • Nightmare Before Christmas The Poem
    • Owned by Disney
  • Director Henry Selleck
  • Selleck’s Early Work
    • Seepage, Slow Bob in Lower Dimensions
  • Skellington Productions
  • From Concept to Film
    • Song Writer and Actor, Danny Elfman
    • Screenwriter Caroline Thompson
  • First Full Length Motion Animation Feature
  • The Film’s Success
    • Burton as a marketing tool
    • Snowballed into a phenomenon
      • Haunted Mansion Holiday

Third Segment

  • Opening the Door to Christmas World
  • The Music Makes the Movie
  • It is the “Halloween Movie”
  • This Movie was a Musical?
  • Holds Up Surprisingly Well
  • The Characters are Original